• Battlefield 4 "Dragon’s Teeth" and "Final Stand"

    Maps I worked on captured by fans who loved playing them!

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  • Personal Unreal 4 Projects

    In engine footage of some personal UE4 work..

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  • Diode

    Diode is an action adventure game that I am making by myself in UE4.

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  • Into the Stars

    Art Director and Co owner @ Fugitive Games for our debut title “Into The Stars”.

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  • Welcome to my portfolio site!

    Cycle using the left and right arrows to see some of my levels in action.

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    All the work shown are from levels where I was the “Level Owner”.

    Some of the assets in the levels are created by talented co-workers.

Current Environment Art demo reel showing my work as level owner. The reel mixes professional and personal work using UE4 and Frostbite 3.0  The shots chosen showcases areas where I had the most singular impact.  As level owner, I was in charge of the level from prototype to release.  I looked over the performance and memory constraints to make sure they were performant on all their target hardware.

This was a 3 month in engine game pitch I worked on with JP Eaton, Miguel Rodriguez and Leo Gonzales. All running in UE4. Along with modeling and rigging the main ship I also took on creating the first flashback segment from concept to execution and also the final ship capture shots. We split up the workload by shots between me, JP and Miguel, as can be seen by our names in the actual HUD. Leo created all the effects for it.

Diode is my passion project. I am putting my years of AAA development to the test by taking on all aspects of game development from content creation, scripting and even marketing. Diode is inspired by old school NES games and more recently by Zelda – Breath of the Wild. I am creating workflows and methodologies to create a modular work flow in UE4 to allow a huge task of making a game, to be taken on by one man.

I’m a hardcore gamer with a passion for fighting games and a trigger finger for twitch response shooters.  I am currently working at Certain Affinity as a Senior Environment Artist / Map Lead.  I am also making my own action adventure game using UE4 on my free time!

My top 5 games of all time:

Zelda : Breath of the Wild – Switch

Castlevania : Symphony of the Night – PS1

Blaster Master – for NES

Zelda : Minish Cap – for GBA

Bionic Commando – for NES


Career crunch dinners eaten at my desk.


Hours spent making a build and sending it to a kit.


Times I’ve heard “It works fine on my machine”.

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Over 10 years experience with shipped titles across multiple platforms.
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I worked on several maps for Battlefield 4 premium multiplayer. I was a level owner for Lumphini Garden and a co owner on the massive Operation Whiteout map. Using the Frostbite engine to sculpt terrain and mesh out the levels. I worked closely with the levels design owner to ensure playability and fun.

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On Lost Planet 3 I was the associate lead environment artist. I was level owner on several single player levels. Some of my other duties included being in charge of setting up a progressive weather system using Unreals matinee and post functions. I was also in charge of lighting over an hours worth of cutscenes using dynamic lighting and exporting frames from the engine.

Email me at alden@aldenfilioncg.com or use the form below!