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Over 20 years experience with shipped titles across multiple platforms.
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I worked on several maps for Battlefield 4 premium multiplayer. I was a level owner for Lumphini Garden and a co owner on the massive Operation Whiteout map. Using the Frostbite engine to sculpt terrain and mesh out the levels. I worked closely with the levels design owner to ensure playability and fun.

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On Lost Planet 3 I was the associate lead environment artist. I was level owner on several single player levels. Some of my other duties included being in charge of setting up a progressive weather system using Unreals matinee and post functions. I was also in charge of lighting over an hours worth of cutscenes using dynamic lighting and exporting frames from the engine.

I’m a hardcore gamer with a passion for fighting games and a trigger finger for twitch response shooters.  I am currently Game Director and Co-Founder at Evolve 512 working on original IP development.

My top 5 favorite games:

Zelda : Breath of the Wild – for Switch

Castlevania : Symphony of the Night – for PS1

Blaster Master – for NES

Zelda : Minish Cap – for GBA

Bionic Commando – for NES


Career crunch dinners eaten at my desk.


Hours spent making a build and sending it to a kit.


Times I’ve heard “It works fine on my machine”.


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